There is a very sharp growth in the usage of mobile devices and customers prefer to shop on the go or learn more about the services a business offers while on the move. It has now become more essential for your websites to be mobile-friendly, technically responsive design. Your Freelance Web Designer Singapore would help you guide through the layouts for the website for a better user experience. Responsive web design helps your website to adjust the layout according to the devices and browser from which it is viewed. When you weigh your normal website with a responsive website, your responsive web design gains more weightage. Websites which are only desktop-friendly and do not adapt to the devices don’t offer a good user experience and customers leave your website within a few seconds of landing when they find your website is not the best to view on mobile and when they find it hard to browse through the services.

5 essential reasons to upgrade to Responsive Web Design
5 essential reasons to upgrade to Responsive Web Design

In the past, many businesses have adapted to mobile website layouts considering the future, but still maintain the same. As the technology has grown we now have a feature of responsive website design it’s time to upgrade your website. Responsive web design allows you to have a single website which adapts to the mobile screens and browser. Your website maintenance cost is now reduced, you do not run a website now for desktop and mobile devices. Building a responsive website isn’t easy, and involves lots of effort in wireframing the layout for better user experience.

Your Web Designer will help you run through the website layout, if you are looking for a high graphic website then sometimes it may not be supported in the mobile devices and browsers as not many of the users would have the latest mobile devices. When you design the website you must also consider this restriction or your freelance web designer may advise on a simple layout for the lower resolutions. 

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